This is a lecture-style class, camera equipment is not required. Please dress comfortably.

Session 1:
Make Your Digital Images More Exciting Than Ever!

Make Your Lighting Exciting!

In this intensive, fast-paced session, I promise to show you the most creative lighting and exciting compositional techniques ever! You will learn several new ways to make your lighting exciting! And I'll show you how to get the best lighting on your subject the first time, every time. Whether you use on-camera flash, off-camera flash or no flash at all, I'll show you how easy it is to make your images come to life.

Whether you shoot weddings, portraits or sports, it's always about the lighting! When used properly, light creates detail, depth, and dimension to all photography. These techniques work equally well for any photographer wanting to kick their lighting techniques into "high gear!"

Creating the Dramatic Image

Ever take a photograph and try to create the same results months later to no avail? Why is that? It all has to do with understanding the secrets of composition. In this segment, I'll show you how easy it is to pre-visualize the image in your "mind's eye". Then by applying the compositional secrets I'll share with you, you too will see how easy it is to create that exciting image time after time!

But that's only half the story. What are the best lenses and focal lengths to use? What are the best camera settings to use to create that dramatic image? I'll walk you through, step by step, my "tried and true", easy-to-understand techniques to produce that dramatic image every time!


Break 8:30PM-9:00PM


Session 2:
Saving Design Time & Making More Money!

Finally, I Have My Life Back!

"Don't want to learn every new piece of software that comes down the pike? Well, neither do I. I want my workflow to be easy, stress free, and fun. I want to spend more time behind my camera than in front of my computer! In this program session, I'll show you exactly how we save "tons of time" in my studio using the best software and shortcuts for the job. Wouldn't it be great to simply download your images to your computer and let the software take over and "fine tune" them so they are ready to present to your client?

Wouldn't it be great if your digital design time could go from agonizingly slow to wonderfully fast, and be fun at the same time? I promise you, you won't believe your eyes when I show you how we save so much time with our software tips and tricks.

Now Let's Talk About Making Money

I'm going to wrap this session by showing you how you can use software and hardware tools available to today's photographers to sizzle your client's experience. It's a fast paced world and we need to be nimble if we want to compete. I'll show you a peek at a few of our latest ideas that make a BIG difference in how we interact with our clients and our vendor friends. Itdefinitely makes an impression!

"Last year we had a wonderful time presenting the program and meeting so many great people as we traveled the country. We are looking forward to doing the same this time around. I hope you can join us!" David

This is a lecture-style class, camera equipment is not required. Please dress comfortably.